Power intensive Commercial and Industrial users face a wide range of uncertainty when it comes to energy costs, reliability and their environmental performance.

Most are pressured to reduce their operating costs without increasing capital expenditures, increase their operational reliability to further improve growth and to deploy renewables or intelligent energy solutions to reduce their CO2 emissions.

We use our technology to change the load profile during peak periods when demand and prices are high by charging the battery during times of lower prices. This arbitrage allows us to reduce the company’s exposure to rising peak charges. We can also do this on a half hourly basis based on the wholesale price and therefore further optimising a sites energy consumption.

Zenobe can provide a full or partial UPS service covering a complete site or critical systems and protecting them from brownouts, voltage dips or other service interruptions for an agreed length of time. As the share of renewables increases and that of spinning reserve decreases the stability and quality of the grid supply is forecast to decrease.

The energy storage asset can further optimise grid consumption to favour times when the carbon intensity is lower or prioritise the use of on-site renewable energy generation which can lead to further cost savings as well as a reduction in carbon footprint.


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Case study

A motorised digger working on a hill


Mining operations are typically in remote regions with a limited or non-existent grid connection. This requires costly grid upgrades or alternative on-site generation which could be less environmentally sustainable. As a mine sites carbon footprint, reliability and cost has become a key operational issue which directly impacts mining companies ability to meet climate objectives and their financial viability solutions must be found.

Our approach

Zenobe is working with an international mining company to reduce its energy costs and improve its overall energy management. The client’s mine site is in a remote location with expensive access to the local grid. Zenobe is providing a 1.4MW battery asset as well as 1.4MW of solar to complement the existing LPG gensets, which could enable the client to go off grid.

Our team used half-hourly data to understand the current operating regime and any special characteristics. We provided a bespoke solution based on the site’s average load distributions, as well as its export and import limits, to optimise the battery size, savings and reliability.

We maximise returns from on-site renewable generation and key systems requiring resilience or planned increases and decreases of on-site demand.

Over the life of the project, our solution will increase net earnings from the mine site by more than five per cent. It improves security of supply and has significant environmental benefits for the local community.

In numbers

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Zenobe developed an innovative solution that combined LPG gensets, solar and their batteries to reduce our energy costs, provide power resilience for our essential equipment and make us less dependent on a weak grid. This has made a significant impact on the economics of the mine and is adaptable as the site develops. It has been a great experience

Michael Masterman, Chairman, W Resources

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