Zenobe Energy featured in the Financial Times

Zenobe Energy’s dynamic business model was mentioned in the Financial Times article published on 8 November 2019: “Number 214 to Highgate leads the UK’s Electric Bus Charge”.

We support operators by assuming the battery technology risk as we have a ‘second life’ for the batteries in our ‘front of meter’ projects. We also have an innovative battery based solution for operators where they do not have sufficient energy supply at their depot to charge their electric buses. Zenobe utilises its battery expertise and finance to support bus operators in the UK that are facing two main challenges when electrifying their fleets:

– the design, financing, installation and operation of batteries with charging equipment to upgrade the electrical infrastructure to meet the operators’ needs of charging a fleet of electric vehicles.

– the financing of the battery on the bus to provide the battery to the operator as a service with a service charge. When the battery no longer meets the operator’s motive requirements for the route, we remove and replace the original battery with a new one.

Because of our battery knowledge and experience we can utilise this to take away all the risks associated with the electrification of fleets, and cascade the old batteries into new second life applications. In early 2019, we launched our project of providing battery charging solution to ‘Guildford’s Park and Ride’ with 9 Stagecoach operated electric buses. We are now working with operators at a further 5 depots, and will be supporting more than 100 buses by March 2020.

The growing demand for electric buses has led to innovative collaboration between Zenobe, bus operators and OEMS to address the new risks of the technology. Our co-founder Nicholas Beatty commented that, “The utilisation of our battery expertise has enabled operators to convert their fleets to EVs, whilst also addressing key concerns through the services that we offer. This benefits them and society as a whole.”